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KM offers:

  • Transparent, heat sealable polyester-based film with anti-fog.

  • Strong hot and cold peelable seals to APET, RPET, and A/CPET,

    mono CPET, PP, and PET lacquered foil.

  • Clean peel in an ambient, chill or frozen conditions.

  • Ambient, chill, frozen and dual-ovenable tray lidding applications.

  • Suitable for retaining lid during re-heating in microwave ovens -

    subject to specific trialing.

  • Wide heat seal range.

  • Great antifog properties

  • Designed to give strong, but peelable, seals in frozen, cold and ambient conditions when sealed to uncoated Aluminium (smooth wall), also seals to itself (fin only - weld).

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Product specifications

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